Italian Village Pavilion Winning Proposal by Tim Lai ArchitecT

DESIGN SUMMARY, TIM LAI ARCHITECT | A pavilion for neighbors to meet and gather will complete the mission of the Italian Village Park. Five Pavilions proposes a series of five mini-structures to be placed in-between the three existing, mature trees at the site. The trees become part of the overall design, embodying the concept of co-existence. The cluster of mini-pavilions also challenges the conventional notion of a pavilion being a singular structure. To create rhythm, the pavilions are of different colors, shapes, and heights. Their individuality is a reference to the diverse population of Italian Village. They, however, create a cohesive image when seen as a group. To acknowledge the neighborhood’s industrial past, Corten, blackened and painted steel are used as major building materials. The design is a metaphor of embracing differences and celebrating harmony.

​DESIGN SUMMARY, JBAD | The JBAD/Implement Italian Village Park design proposes an alternate siting of the pavilion at the southern edge of the park in order to face the pavilion towards the most “front doors” of properties on the park, provide convenient, direct access to the rear of the pavilion for service, performers, etc., to preserve as many of the existing mature trees as possible and to minimize the intrusion on greenspace by using an existing paving footprint.


The design of the pavilion is based on a simple, split “L” shaped enclosure that allows the pavilion to function with great flexibility and easy access.  Simple construction materials create a highly durable and cost effective structure and consist of cast-in-place concrete and wood accent panels that form a trellis extension of the roof and cladding over the concrete back wall.


This proposal also provides an opportunity to improve Hull Alley as a pedestrian and bicycle connection from Italian Village to High Street.

DESIGN SUMMARY, WSA STUDIO | Sfondo di Comunita seeks to mitigate the disparate scales, offering transitional zones from west to east across Italian Village Park. The west side of the park is adjacent to a future high rise. The east side of the park remains lined by two-story Italianate single family houses. Our solution establishes five distinct zones to mitigate this juxtaposition:

Bosque | Activity Zone | Entertainment Zone | Community Lawn | Community Edge


Development along Hubbard Street, the park’s northern boundary, has been particularly robust. A massive, four-story development spans the site from west to east. Sfondo di Comunita situates the pavilion on the northwestern corner of the park. Adjacent garden walls protect park activities from vehicular traffic and visual distraction while viewers enjoy performances with the sun to their backs. Hubbard Street developments create an appropriate urban backdrop to the activities on center stage.

Italian Village Pavilion Design Competition

As an urban park, Italian Village Park is a great gathering place for residents and visitors to the area. To strengthen this, a design competition was launched in 2015 for the design of a new pavilion to be placed in the park. In collaboration with the City of Columbus Department of Development, Recreation and Parks Department, Italian Village Society, and Italian Village community members, the NDC managed the application and community engagement process. The proposal by Tim Lai ArchitecT was selected as the winner of the competition and is undergoing further development with the Recreation and Parks Department. Thank you to all who submitted proposals and to our advisory panel members for your assistance in the process.

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