What is NCR Program?

The Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) program is a grant program funded by the City of Columbus aimed to stimulate economic development in 7 designated commercial corridors throughout the City.


Financial and technical assistance is available to eligible properties for aesthetic improvements to ground level commercial storefronts and commercial interiors.


Check below to see if your property is eligible for the program.


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Eligible Properties

NDC Services

As part of the NCR Interior and Storefront Improvement Grants, the NDC provides the following services to eligible businesses within the NCR Corridors:

  • Measurement of interior and exteriors to generate necessary preliminary plans and elevations for the project.
  • Visioning services for interior and exterior improvements.
  • Minimal assistance with branding and logo generation for exterior signage.
  • Assistance with the procurement of estimates for proposed scope of design.
  • Assistance with NCR application(s) and submission to City of Columbus, Department of Economic Development.

Additional services outside of the scope above may be provided to businesses and other entities based on prior City approval and availability of funds. These services are also available at a low cost fee.

NCR Applications

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